We are the home of kiosks, local eateries and small holder farmers

A home that provides a seamless and direct link between suppliers, traditional retailers as well as farmers and local eateries. We empower shops and eateries by ensuring that they can conveniently order from the comfort of their phones through the Kyosk app and enjoy the delivery of affordable products within 24 hours. We also help manufacturers and farmers expand their network and product range by providing last mile deliveries to hard-to reach communities as well as data for better demand and business planning.

The platform does not only support product distribution but also helps service providers such as financial institutions to reach and provide their services (e.g. credit, insurance etc.) to the traditional shops, farmers and eateries.

  • Our Mission

    To build a digital-first and data-led distribution platform that fixes Africa’s broken retail distribution chain and empowers the continent’s main economic actors – the traditional retailers, local eateries, and small-holder farmers

  • Our Vision

    Empowering Africa’s traditional retailers and smallholder farmers to make more money

Our milestones

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    Founded in Nairobi, Kenya

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    Expanded to 6 locations within Nairobi

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    Expanded to 19 locations across Kenya

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    Expanded internationally to Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria

Our impact

  • Over


    Retailers served

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    Orders per week

  • Over


    Active markets across 4 countries

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    US Dollars in retailer loan

Market footprint

We operate over 40 fulfillment centres across 4 countries; Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Nigeria.
Market expansion plans are underway.

This growth will help create a ripple effect and social economic impact to the broader communities

  • Inputs


    Variety of good at affrodable prices Easy and quick order placement on app Efficient, on time delivery of good at premise Value added services to and through kiosks.

    Contracting jobs to local 3PL companies Creating an inclusive platform for MSMEs to plug into

  • Outputs


    Increased income for shop owners who do not have to lose a day of income to restock Opportunity to exapand shop through stock and asset financing.

    Increased demand and upskilling for local 3PL companies, MSMEs as platform is easy to plug in Access to end consumers for MSMEs to offer services Digitization of value chains and value-added services

  • Outcomes


    Increased income and opportunities for shop owners’ household that can be spent on education, healthcare etc Upskilled shops, mostly owned by women and youth, which are professionally operated and offering various goods and services Communities with better access to good and value added services such as credit

    Individuals with access to job opportunities and the ability to earn a living Growth of MSMEs with access to consumers

  • Impacts


    Increased proportion with access to basic services Improved living standards for communities through higher income Additional job opportunities for women and youth lowering potential discrimination

    Additional decent work opportunites for the communities Economic growth and productivity through the professionalization and digitization of MSMEs that can provide services to other customers Small-scale industry access promoted through connecting MSMEs to demand and other industry players

Kyosk is contributing to achieving the Sustainable Development Growth through unleashing the potential of local entrepreneurs:


The conventional FMCG distribution chain in Africa is broken. FMCG products traditionally go through multiple middle men (even more in rural areas than in capital cities) that area adding over 15% markup to the price, until finally the traditional retailers have access to them at local smaller wholesalers. As a result, the products are almost never sold at the recommended retail price that hurts both the end consumer and the kiosks that are struggling to generate profits.

Additionally, shop owners (especially in the hard to reach areas) traditionally have to close shop to go to the wholesaler for inventory that results in lost daily revenue as well as high logistics costs for transporting stock.

Kyosk creates a direct link between the FMCG suppliers and the small traditional retail shops who can order through the Kyosk app and get same day, reliable delivery at better prices than before.

Manufacturers also enjoy this solution as finally their products can reach higher penetration due to keeping the recommended retail prices and reaching kiosks that were hard to reach previously. The digital first value chain also allows for data collection about the market movements, product performance and can support introduction of new products.

  • Approximately 60% shops are owned by women and 70% Shops owned by youth.

  • More Than 550,000 traditional Retailers served and more than 2.2Mn Household members impactes.

  • More than 4,000 in-house and 3PL Employees; 250 local 3PLs.

  • 15,000 - 20,000 shops operating as distribution agents and 500Mn BNPL financing provided.

Customers Stories

We measure our success by the number of people we’ve supported to become active users of retail since we were founded in 2015.

  • Purity Wambua

    Baraka Cereal at Tel-Aviv

  • Beatrice Nyambura

    New Dawn at Tel-Aviv

  • Daniel Kioko

    Gracious Shop at Tel-Aviv

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