John says… “The Kyosk app is very reliable. Even when I forget to place orders of certain goods, I can always place another order which is received on time, because of the same-day delivery system, through the morning & afternoon delivery window offered via the app. I don’t have to close my shop and rush back to the market to get them.” John adds, “The app has boosted my profits by 20% since I started using it, improving the economic growth of my family. Due to the improved revenue of my business, I no longer struggle to pay school fees for my children. This business has helped me build my family house and I wish to see it thrive!”

John Ng’ang’a, a family man and a father of two children, has a kiosk-based in Thika, which began operations in 2012. He used to struggle a lot with stocking up his shop because he had to travel to Thika town which is 5 km away from his shop just to get stocks for his duka. This forced him to close the shop since he had no one to manage the duka operations in his absence, which negatively affected his revenue.

John began his Kyosk App journey in the year 2020. He is happy with the speed of delivery which he says is well done and does not take more than 30 minutes to receive his goods once alerts are received. A standby market developer is always available on call to assist in the delivery process.

He attributed the app as one of the significant factors that have contributed to the success of his business. He says that the app has offered him a platform to check goods available, through the product status and compare pricing which has helped him plan ahead financially for his next stock-up.