The shop is a family-owned business run by Faith and Daniel Muli, a couple with seven children. It has been in operation for over 30 good years, starting off as a vegetable kiosk that grew into an FMCG business to date. The Mulis used to source their stock from different suppliers, some even from competing companies.
They carried out regular commutes back and forth to these suppliers, getting products from different locations. As much as they had family support when carrying out the stock runs, they still struggled with the logistics, spending a lot of money just to get their products.

Kyosk app has helped them by getting a one-stop-shop platform, reducing the regular commutes to different suppliers, and saving a lot of money spent before. The Kyosk app gives them leeway to check on the different product varieties and competitive prices showcased. This has helped them in planning their budget effectively. They find it easy to navigate the Kyosk app system, saving time used when placing orders. They are happy with the morning and afternoon order placement system and same-day delivery.“The business is flourishing much better than before since we have managed to maintain our customers while attracting new ones with the stable and flexible stocking-up system that the Kyosk app offers.” Said the Mulis.