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    Minimize stockout

    The Kyosk App helps informal traditional, kiosks, and other similar retail outlets to check product variety and product availability status which helps in planning ahead for future purchases and minimizing stock outs.

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    Get your stock at the best prices

    At Kyosk, we work directly with the FMCGs and their distributors. By aggregating demand, we buy for you at the lowest price possible and pass the savings on to you to make you competitive. Why pay more when you can pay less?

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    Enjoy same day delivery

    Traditionally shop owners have to close shop to go to wholesaler to restock that results in lost daily revenue as well as high logistics costs.
    By working directly with the FMCGs and their distributors we ensure that products get to the kiosk owners within 24 hours.

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    We enable you to get affordable credit

    With access to affordable credit, Kyosk offers a solution where kiosks can restock and pay later.

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    Get free advisory services

    Using data, we predict what will sell, and advise on what you should stock in order to increase your revenues and profits.

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    Get support branding your store

    Branding is vital for retailers. We support our retail partners by branding their stores allowing them to enjoy enhanced customer recognition and a competitive market edge.

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Customer Stories

We measure our success by the number of people we’ve supported to become active users of retail since we were founded in 2015.

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    Baraka Cereal at Tel-Aviv

  • Beatrice Nyambura

    New Dawn at Tel-Aviv

  • Daniel Kioko

    Gracious Shop at Tel-Aviv