Business Intelligence Associate

Job Summary

We are seeking a skilled Business Intelligence Associate who can join and help develop Kyosk’s Business Intelligence unit, use various statistical and advanced analytics methods to define BI solutions and can critically think about data and identify process improvement points from the data and dashboard on an ongoing basis to support business. You will be supporting the BI Manager to drive business improvement, unearth challenges from the data and use smart analytics to predict market and customer movements..

Key Responsibilities:

  • Liaising on data infrastructure: Working together with the Technology (data infrastructure) and Product team (data analysts) to support them on the BI needs and the corresponding data infrastructure requirements. Identifying new metrics and data to measure to provide the business with a comprehensive view of the markets we operate in.
  • Data strategy implementation: Supporting quality data collection and ensure that data is available for further processing as needed by the business. Applying industry knowledge to interpret data and improve performance
  • BI solution implementation: Interpreting; evaluating and reporting on data to develop integrated business analyses and projections for strategic decision-making. Developing and automating reports, building and prototyping dashboards to provide insights at scale, solving for analytical business needs.
  • Business advisory and reporting: Gathering and analyzing data and delivering dashboards and reports to upper management continuously. Establishing intuitive reporting methodologies, perform ad-hoc market analysis as required to support strategy development; analyzing performance and prepare the necessary reports to allow management to drive sales force activities as well as maximizing revenue opportunities via detailed customer knowledge
  • Stakeholder Management: Collaborating with cross-functional stakeholders to understand their business needs, and formulating & completing end-to-end analysis that includes data gathering, analysis, ongoing scaled deliverables, and presentations.

Minimum Requirements & Key Skills:

  • Data analytics;
  • Drive for Execution;
  • Problem-solving;
  • Critical thinking;
  • Communication with various skills to translate the story the data is telling;
  • Tech-savvy

Competencies & Skills:

  • You have experience in handling the pressure of fast-paced environments typical of a tech startup environment where you wear multiple hats and have access to limited resources
  • You have a willingness to temporarily step into a void left by your peers and subordinates when they are unavailable or have resigned.
  • Also when a new role has been created and is yet to be filled.You have a strong desire for continuous improvement • You can work under pressure, with tight timelines and ambitious deadlines
  • You have a passion for digital products
  • You can stay motivated through difficult challenges and occasional long hours
  • Your passion is contagious, and you use it to inspire the rest of the team
  • You have equal empathy for internal users and our target market of informal retailers
  • You have a strong work ethic and exhibit genuine care for the team and their products, with a willingness to go to any necessary length to ensure their success
  • You have integrity: You do what you say you will do and make no excuses.
  • You develop a deep understanding and respect for what each team member is responsible for and trust them to do their job
  • Your confidence and experience make you trust your instinct and communicate persuasively. You know when to make decisions (even when others might disagree) vs when to build consensus, and you can articulate the strategy and business rationale behind your decisions.
  • You are comfortable taking the blame if something goes wrong, and equally quick to give credit to the rest of the team when it goes well
  • You are detail-oriented, process-driven, and organized, and can stay two steps ahead of the work your teams are doing
  • You understand DevOps as culture, not as a role, and seek to automate manual processes where it makes sense.


  • Leadership: Be the leader who your team looks up to. Improve processes to make them more effective. Develop their knowledge and domain expertise and instill a relentless focus on quality. Take ownership of what your teams build and coordinate their efforts to ensure the efficient completion of tasks. Eliminate obstacles that prevent your teams from performing optimally.
  • Governance: As a senior-level contributor your role encompasses aspects of corporate governance related to software engineering to help ensure that Kyosk’s investment in Product and Technology delivers optimal returns in line with the business and product strategy.
  • People Management: Actively work with the rest of Product and Technology leadership to build a great team that complements, supports and inspires each other to achieve greatness. Ensure effective recruitment, training and development programs are adopted to promote productivity, retention, motivation and morale. Manage the career path and goals of your direct reports, conducting regular 1-on-1s and having monthly performance dialogues. Handle complex or sensitive people matters with empathy.
  • Performance Management: You will set and review performance and development goals for your teams and report to management on how they are performing and how they can improve. You identify timeframes and readiness for promotion of direct reports; solicit cross-functional feedback in support of promotions and employee rewards. You will coach and mentor engineers and new managers in the art of delivering successful software outcomes at scale while growing their careers
  • Culture: Along with Kyosk’s People organization (HR) and other leaders, you will craft a winning culture that spans multiple country boundaries and is built on collaboration and shared accomplishments while having fun along the way. You eliminate siloed thinking and misalignment that detracts from what needs to be accomplished and you actively work toward stamping out any such behaviours. You help create an environment that fosters innovation and helps Kyosk engineers take smart risks and learn from failures;
  • Capacity Planning and Resource allocation: Establish staffing needs and a hiring strategy by working collaboratively with the broader Product and Technology leadership team. Balance the size and composition of your teams against the expected deliverables while ensuring optimal overall team performance.
  • Strategic Thinking: Plan and execute software strategies that benefit the technology department and the products that we are responsible for. Work with the Product teams to ensure that the roadmap is realistic and clearly understood by the software engineers and managers.
  • Technical Delivery: Take ownership of the progress, costs, and quality of delivering engineering outcomes across multiple teams. Adopt, enforce, and contribute to the agile processes that define Kyosk’s way of working to deliver multiple product releases at scale. Own and refine the processes that your teams use to build and support products within the business. • Vendor management: Where Kyosk makes use of outsourced development and managed services, you play a pivotal role in ensuring that our vendors and service providers deliver a high quality of service to Kyosk within our set budgets.
  • Performance Monitoring: Build a deep understanding of how our products work, how they are developed, and how they are used. Identify and track metrics that ensure performance targets and objectives are met and recommend process improvements. Understand engineering metrics and seek to improve them.
  • Process Improvement: Actively monitor, determine and recommend methods to streamline and improve development processes and procedures. Spearhead various research and development initiatives to identify opportunities for new projects and improved processes.
  • Stakeholder Management: Prepare and deliver various engineering-related presentations, both internally and externally. Act as the point of contact between the business and engineering leadership, communicating their needs to the team and vice versa.


  • Relational databases (SQL), System architecture, User experience (UX and UI) design, Github (or other software version management systems), Java, Container solutions (Docker, Jenkins, Kubernetes)


  • Bachelor’s degree

To apply, please send your CV and cover letter to by Thursday 6th September 2022, Quoting the Role as the Subject of the email application. 

Job Location: Nigeria

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