September 28, 2022

Kyosk Digital Services Limited is passionate about giving back to society and touching the lives of the less fortunate people who surround us, especially in the markets that we serve. Therefore, we have introduced a corporate social responsibility initiative which is part of our yearly calendar. 

Kyosk management and all our employees are encouraged to be involved in this well-intended program to support this initiative both financially and materially across the organization. We also engage our various suppliers to support our CSR initiatives and whatever we get is distributed across all the markets.

Team members work closely to identify a local organization to support e.g., children’s’ home within their markets. In doing so, we carry out proper research to identify the very specific needs of the particular homes and cascade the same to the rest of the staff members. This guides us on the relevant items to put more focus on, while sending in our contributions/donations to these organizations.

Participation includes contributions in cash and in-kind so as to meet the needs these homes. Most of the homes are usually in need of non-perishable foodstuffs, clothes, toys, shoes, books e.t.c. Therefore, we make it a point of focus to meet such needs and even going a step further to participate socially by spending time to engage with the hosts. Proper co-ordination and team engagement is applied for transparency and accountability throughout the process for the overall success of the CSR initiatives.