Our Story

The conventional FMCG distribution chain in Africa is broken. FMCG products traditionally go through multiple middle men (even more in rural areas than in capital cities) that area adding over 15% markup to the price, until finally the traditional retailers have access to them at local smaller wholesalers. As a result, the products are almost never sold at the recommended retail price that hurts both the end consumer and the kiosks that are struggling to generate profits.

Additionally, shop owners (especially in the hard to reach areas) traditionally have to close shop to go to the wholesaler for inventory that results in lost daily revenue as well as high logistics costs for transporting stock.

Kyosk creates a direct link between the FMCG suppliers and the small traditional retail shops who can order through the Kyosk app and get same day, reliable delivery at better prices than before.

Manufacturers also enjoy this solution as finally their products can reach higher penetration due to keeping the recommended retail prices and reaching kiosks that were hard to reach previously. The digital first value chain also allows for data collection about the market movements, product performance and can support introduction of new products.